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Sound Solutions: Designing for Acoustics in Wood Structures (WoodWorks)

August 12, 2020—12:00 pm–1:00 pm CST

Noise control in buildings such as apartments, schools, and offices plays an important role in tenant satisfaction. Selecting an effective wall or floor/ceiling assembly is important—and necessary for proper design—but it’s just one of several considerations. Covering both light wood-frame and mass timber structures, this presentation will provide a top to bottom approach to achieving sound acoustical performance. Topics will include code requirements and owner expectations, tested assemblies vs. calculated performance, exterior noise, interior noise reverberation, structural and fire-resistance related components, detailing to avoid flanking paths, and installation best practices.

Attendees will qualify for 1 AIA/CES HSW LU, 1 PDH credit or 0.1 ICC credit (FBPE board-approved).

Modular Wood-Frame for Multi-Family: Design, Details and Delivery (WoodWorks)

September 9, 2020—12:00 pm–1:00 pm CST

Modular construction is touted as an opportunity to combat rising interest rates and construction prices through greater efficiency, address skilled labor shortages, and reduce jobsite waste. However, some architects and engineers are hesitant to embrace the modular approach because they don’t want their designs to be compromised, and they don’t think it has the flexibility or functionality to execute certain project typologies. Presented by a modular design expert from Seattle, this webinar will take a close look at modular wood-frame multi-family projects, with an emphasis on detailing. Due to the unique fabrication, delivery and installation aspects of modular buildings, coordination of detailing and inspections is a must, and this presentation will explain how communication among all parties leads to project success. Other topics will include sourcing techniques and the resulting effects on quality, timeliness, and sustainability.

Attendees will qualify for 1 AIA/CES HSW LU, 1 PDH credit or 0.1 ICC credit (FBPE board-approved).

Mass Timber Floor Vibration Design Guide: A New Resource for Engineers (WoodWorks)

October 14, 2020—12:00 pm–1:00 pm CST

This webinar introduces a new resource developed to address a gap in available knowledge: the U.S. Mass Timber Floor Vibration Design Guide. The decision to use mass timber floors over competing materials is largely driven by economics. In almost all floor applications, the design of the mass timber panels and framing is determined by limiting the floor vibrations perceived by occupants (or sensitive equipment) to acceptable levels. While it is widely recognized that floor vibration design has a significant impact on cost, there has been little information on how to cost-effectively design mass timber floors for vibration. In addition to introducing the design guide and its contents, this webinar will cover the range of mass timber panel products used for floors, as well as design methodologies, and example calculations.

Attendees will qualify for 1 AIA/CES HSW LU, 1 PDH credit or 0.1 ICC credit (FBPE board-approved).

Enclosure Design for Mass Timber Buildings (WoodWorks)

November 11, 2020—12:00 pm–1:00 pm CST

Larger and taller mass timber buildings are becoming common in North America. These buildings typically utilize cross-laminated timber or nail-laminated timber panels, glulam beams and columns, and new engineered timber components to meet the structural and fire requirements associated with greater heights. With these larger wood structures and heavier timber components comes the need for efficient building enclosure assemblies that can be installed quickly on tight sites and are in many cases new and unique to the industry. Prefabricated building enclosure elements are now also commonly used. This presentation shares guidance on building enclosure design and detailing best practices for mass timber buildings. It includes case studies and lessons learned from the design, construction, and monitoring of enclosures for recently completed projects.

Attendees will qualify for 1 AIA/CES HSW LU, 1 PDH credit or 0.1 ICC credit (FBPE board-approved).