Wall Bracing III: Simplified Wall Bracing & APA Wall Bracing Calculator for the 2018 IRC

In part three of the three-part series, we work through some examples using what we learned in parts one and two. We then review the IRC Simplified Wall Bracing, APA Simplified Wall Bracing and introduce the APA Wall Bracing Calculator.
• Apply the IRC Wall Bracing provision to example plans
• Understand both the IRC and APA simplified methods
• Input plan information into the APA Wall Bracing Calculator
Presenter: Warren Hamrick

For Wall Bracing Parts I and II, go to 2018 IRC Wall Bracing Webinar Series main page GO >

Note: This course is approved by AIA (1 HSW/LU) and ICC (0.10 CEU). Do not navigate to YouTube if you require a certificate. A downloadable certificate of completion is available only when this webinar is viewed on this webpage in entirety, after completing a brief quiz and questionnaire.

Approximate length: 70 minutes.