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Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Future

Today’s structural engineered wood products combine sustainability with strong, resilient long-lasting performance. Renewable, recyclable, and biodegradeable, wood also sequesters carbon, neutralizing the net carbon emissions from manufacturing. Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Future, Form F305, provides updated facts and figures supporting the environmental benefits of North American wood products. Topics include the sustainable forest resource, forest certification, life cycle assessment, Environmental Product Declarations, and energy comparisons between wood, steel and concrete in production and performance through the life of a structure.

Available in print and downloadable PDF. Get Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Future, Form F305.

Fire-Resistant I-Joist Floor AssembliesFire-Resistant I-Joist Floor Assemblies

APA System Report SR-405, Fire Protection of Floors Constructed with Prefabricated Wood I-Joists for Compliance with the International Residential Code, has been revised to include new options for design and construction of high quality floor systems that deliver superior performance and improved fire resistance. Two simple systems have been added that make it easier for builders to provide code-compliant fire protection for I-joist floor systems. These systems use gypsum board installed on top of the bottom flanges of I-joists. The options are easy to install or remove and do not require fasteners. One option uses 1/2-inch gypsum board installed on top of the bottom flange for joists spaced 19.2 inches or less on center, and the other option calls for 5/8-inch gypsum board where joists are spaced 24 inches on center.

For more information on the new options, visit I-Joist Fire Assemblies.

Stock Glulam KitStock Glulam Kit

APA–The Engineered Wood Association has expanded its extensive educational tools with a new online resource kit on stock glulam beams. Stock beams are ideal for everyday framing jobs and can be found stocked at the local lumberyard in standard sizes and I-joist-compatible (IJC) depths. Through a series of articles, case studies and product information, APA’s online resource kit, accessible at, increases understanding of stock glulam properties for professional builders and designers. The kit includes:

  • Editorial articles: “Glulam and the New Home,” “Multifamily Projects: Engineered Wood Helps Builders Meet Booming Demand,” “Common Misconceptions About Glulam Beams” and “Glulam Beams Offer Simple Solutions for Garage Door Headers.”
  • Case studies: A selection of multifamily and commercial case studies featuring stock glulam beams.
  • Glulam manufacturer directory.

To access the stock glulam resource kit, visit

Fire Protective Assemblies for Wood I-Joist Floors: Webinar and Brochure

APA–The Engineered Wood Association offers a new brochure and recorded webinar explaining options for fire protection for I-joist floor systems.

Both the 2012 and 2015 versions of the International Residential Code (IRC) include fire protective membrane requirements to enhance the fire performance of residential floor systems. The new brochure, Designing to Meet IRC Fire Protection Provisions for I-Joist Floor Systems, Form R425, outlines the many options for fire protective membrane requirements of the IRC, specifically as they relate to I-joist floor systems. The brochure is available at That webpage also is home to the prerecorded webinar, Fire Protective Assemblies for Wood I-Joist Floors, which runs approximately 26 minutes and discusses options including:

  • Gypsum board ceiling membranes
  • Gypsum board applied directly to I-joist flanges and webs
  • Ceramic fiber blanket
  • Mineral wool insulation
  • Fire protective coatings

Participant Q & A from the webinar are included on the webpage at